1 – Online Questionnaire

You’ll answer a few pointed questions about your business and how it operates—especially as regards stock management, pricing structures and rental policy. As we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service, we’re keen to determine the unique challenges to be addressed—and learn of any special features you might have in mind—in your hire management solution. You’ll be asked when you’d like to receive a phone call (free of charge) from a Tailor Managed consultant to discuss your business and our service.

2 – Consultation and Site Visit

After careful review of your questionnaire responses, a Tailor Managed consultant will call at a time of your convenience to learn in greater depth about your organisation and to discuss the benefits of taking your hire management digital. If you’re impressed with what you’ve heard (and we’re sure you will be!) we’ll arrange over the phone for a site visit. On a suitable day, our consultant will arrive at your business to confer with management and meet other relevant employees. We’ll review your hire process and speak with the staff involved. Our findings at this stage will guide the implementation of your digital management solution and help us to establish the ways that custom software enhancements might further improve your Tailor Managed experience. We’ll also take a look at your stock, as this will help us to anticipate any practical issues around barcoding.

3 – Software Solutions

Once we’ve got to know your business, price structure and rental policies, we’ll set to work adapting the Tailor Managed system to suit your needs. If any challenges peculiar to your organisation have been identified—or special features requested—we’ll be developing the custom software solutions at this stage. Thorough testing (functional and performance) will ensure that any new or modified software runs reliably and efficiently. Brand consistency is important, so our designers will restyle the system’s user interface for an aesthetic befitting your business—the hardware comes custom branded, too.

4 – Site Work and Staff Training

We’ll send a specialist to barcode your garments and catalogue them in the hire system. You’ll receive your Tailor Managed scanner and console (custom branded for your business), and your staff will enjoy comprehensive demonstrations of the software’s features and training in its use in conjunction with the hardware.