Create a Hire

First, a Single Hire (for individual customers) or Group Hire (for parties) is made, then customer and booking details are recorded. Next, items are selected for the customer’s basket—Group Hire allows a separate basket for each party member and permits outfits to be copied across members to save time. Where needed, notes can be appended on the party, the booking, and any special sizing requirements.

Once the full basket is confirmed, the checkout page gives a rundown of items and costs. Any package discounts—customisable for the client’s pricing structure—are applied automatically and displayed on screen, but manual discount options are also available. Any payment made at the time of booking can be recorded, including the payment method. Upon completion, the customer receives an automatic email confirming the booking date, basket, costs and payments.

Upcoming Bookings and Collection

Once confirmed, a hire is logged in Upcoming Bookings, where booking/customer details can be viewed—and further payments recorded—before collection. If the customer requires a basket alteration, items may be added and removed, and the system will update the rental balance accordingly. There are options to view/edit customer details and print customer and basket information.

As items are picked out for collection, the Picking function and barcode scanner (included) make for quick recording of outgoing articles; the status of each scanned item is updated, now marked as reserved for hire. When the customer comes to pick up their garments, selecting the Collected button marks the reserved items as out on hire, and moves the booking to the Out on Hire section (discussed below). A confirmation email is sent automatically to the customer, detailing the items, balance and return date.

Out on Hire

Once all the garments have been collected, the booking/customer information is viewable in the Out on Hire section. Here, any item changeovers—as when the customer decides on a size change or discovers a fault in the garment—can quickly be logged to keep track of stock. Both tailor and customer are notified if a booking passes its return date, and overdue bookings are highlighted in the Out on Hire section for easy viewing.

When the customer first brings back their rented garments, selecting the Returned button moves the moves the booking from Out on Hire into Previous Bookings (discussed below).

Product Returns and Previous Bookings

Returned items are scanned back into the system—to keep track of stock, the user can specify whether the garments are to be returned to inventory or go out for cleaning. The status of the hired items is displayed in the Previous Bookings section, with bookings that contain overdue, unreturned garments highlighted in red for easy viewing.

Where late returns/payment charges are applicable, these can be custom-automated—in line with the client’s rental policy—to factor explicitly into the balance payable. Once all items are scanned back in and the balance (and any further charges) paid, the booking is complete and no longer appears highlighted in Previous Bookings. For convenience, the Hire Again function permits a repeat customer to rehire their favourite outfit at a later date without the fuss of filling in personal details or picking out garments.